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Ultra Bright Lightz

Ultra Bright Lightz has everything you need whether its police car lights, amber emergency lights for tow trucks and constructions vehicles or more! We offer $9.99 flat rate shipping no matter how large the order is.

Light Up Your Emergency Vehicle With Lights from Ultra Bright Lightz

Ultra Bright Lightz wants to make sure that first responders are safe during emergencies. Being seen during an emergency is important, and we are here to deliver the best value for an affordable price in all of the emergency vehicle lighting equipment we sell. Your safety and satisfaction is our priority. The LED emergency vehicle lights that we sell are some of the brightest vehicle warning lights on the market, and we are also quickly becoming the number one supplier of emergency vehicle lights for first responders in America. All of our products are built to high standards, and we offer a warranty to ensure your satisfaction with our products.



Our top categories of emergency vehicle lights are dash lights, visor lights, stick lights, and grill lights. Dash lights, also known as deck lights, are some of the best LED lights with top brands such as Feniex and UBL (Ultra Bright Lightz). These lights are designed to sit at the front of your vehicle to warn those around you that they need to move out of your way so that you can get to your emergency destination faster and safer. They are available in a variety of colors for you to choose from to meet your needs. Our LED emergency warning lights are known to last a lot longer than a traditional bulb to offer you brighter and more reliable lighting. Whether you are driving an emergency vehicle or your own POV, our warning light bars are designed to fit a variety of vehicles.


Our selection of visor lights is perfect for all kinds of vehicles. Whether you need lights for small sedans, police car lights, fire truck lights, ambulance lights, plow lights, or other utility lights, these lights are perfect for those who want a clean look and fit right onto your windshield or sun visor using suction cups with non-drill brackets. The interior visor bar lights can be easily installed and mounted quickly. Our selection ranges from the simple UBL U-Lite Visor Bar Mini for only $169.99 to a Feniex Fusion Rear Interior Light Bar Dual Color for $699.99. No matter how big or small, these lights are bright, long lasting, and will aid in visibility.


One of the most versatile lights we have, the bar and stick lights come in many different colors and can be used mostly anywhere on your vehicle. Some are made to be mounted either on the interior or exterior of your vehicle. The smaller lights, such as a Feniex Fusion 100 Stick Light Single or Dual Color, are the perfect lights for your vehicle and can be placed in any window, while our larger and longer stick lights are perfect for rear windows. Most of our stock are even waterproof and are great for mounting on top of your vehicle; the options are endless. To see these high quality products and more, visit us online at UltraBrightLightz.com.

Make Your Truck Visible with Ultra Bright Lightz LED Light Bars for Trucks

With thousands of items in stock and only $9.99 for flat rate shipping, Ultra Bright Lightz is on track to become the top supplier of high quality and affordably priced LED lights for all your vehicle lighting needs. Our LED light bars for trucks come in many different sizes and colors to help make your vehicle and the road visible during any time of day. Our different size lighting allows you to outfit your truck any way you’d like, whether it is the back window, side window, or even the roof. With such a wide supply or LED products ranging in prices, you can stay within your budget while still lighting up your truck.



Our UBL Ilumex 400 Stick Light offers so much in a small, compact design. Perfect for mounting anywhere like a grill or side window of your truck, this bar light comes with a backlit controller, is water resistant, and has a cigarette plug. You can choose from four different colors with 19 different flash patterns. The slide-bolt channel on the back of the light means it can be mounted with the brackets anywhere you want. Order the UBL Ilumex 400 Stick Light for only $149.99 and light up your truck.


If you prefer something smaller, Feniex has small options to choose from: Feniex Fusion 100 Stick Light Single Color, Feniex Fusion 100 Stick Light Dual Color, Feniex Fusion 200 Stick Light Single Color, Feniex Fusion 200 Stick Light Dual Color. With a variety of colors to choose from, these lights can be mounted to the interior or exterior of your vehicle and feature 180- or 40-degree optics.


If you are looking for full-size LED light bars for trucks, we have four Feniex Fusion options to choose from: 49” GPL Exterior Light Bar Single Color, 49” GPL Exterior Light Bar Dual Color, 60” Exterior Light Bar Single Color, and 60” Exterior Light Bar Dual Color. These lights can be easily mounted to the top of your truck, offer 360-degrees of unobstructed lighting, 48 flash patterns for dual color, 16 flash patterns for single color, and have a modern slim design. These products, however, are custom-built to your specifications and cannot be returned.


In addition to all of our lighting, we also have strobes, controllers, sirens, traffic advisors, flashers and more. The controllers make it easier for you to power your lighting and sirens on and off without having to go out of your way to reach for anything. For those trucks that will be working on the side of the road, we offer single and dual color traffic advisor arrows to alert of road users to move away for safety.


If you really want to deck your truck in all of the best bright LED lighting Ultra Bright Lightz has to offer, we have license plate lights, mirror mounts, spoiler mounts and more. Visit our website and browse our products at UltraBrightLightz.com to get the best high intensity LED lighting around or contact us at 1-888-562-5125.

Dash Lights for Your Vehicle at Ultra Bright Lightz

When you’re outfitting a fleet or simply need back up dash lights that can be deployed quickly and easily without unnecessary wiring, you know that you can’t go with budget options that will skip, short, and simply not deliver the glare that you need to display your official purpose. The greatest aspect of the dash lights employed by emergency vehicles is to communicate with other drivers on the road. To do this, they must be reliable, quick to deploy, and overall, show-stopping-bright. Ultra Bright Lightz specializing in providing superior quality emergency LED lighting that is straightforward and compatible in nearly all circumstances. What’s even better is that they’re emergency lighting is affordable, and above all else, bright and highly visible.



Easy Installation, No Extra Frills

At Ultra Bright Lightz, you will find dash lights for nearly any emergency situation that can be installed without any extra wiring, either to the vehicle or internally. This means that the pieces effectively plug into the vehicle and are already programmed internally with a variety of colors and patterns so you can set up and be on the road in minutes. For some of their models, installation is quite literally as simple as plugging an adapter into the cigarette lighter port, sticking the suction cups on the window, selecting flash pattern and color, and hitting the gas. There are even flash guards on some models to prevent glare from the windshield so that your lights shine everywhere except into your eyes. Whether you need something as simple as a single color unit with twelve diodes or a dual color unit with multiple settings and customizations, you will be sure to find it at UItra Bright Lightz. All of this comes at a low price and the quality of their equipment is guaranteed not only to be rugged but also to deliver the brightest results on the market.


Ultra Bright Lightz for Affordability and Compatibility

When you’re shopping for new or reserve dash lights, you no doubt expect bright lights that will continue to serve reliably and for the long haul. It would be nice if they were more affordable than a custom job requiring special installation, as well. That’s why Ultra Bright Lightz is here to help. Not only is the equipment at Ultra Bright Lightz durable, but it is also guaranteed, in many cases, for two years. As if this weren’t enough, they have a 30-day return policy, a $9.99 flat rate shipping policy, and bulk pricing options. This all comes as a bonus and compliment their already impossibly low prices. And if affordability, ease of installation, and ease of deployment weren’t enough, the fact that their units require no additional wiring or installation means that their lights are compatible with nearly any model they can be plugged into. It also means service and replacement is simplified. When it’s time to switch the lights, add more lighting, or upgrade the configuration, it’s a simple job. Check out UltraBrightLightz.com to see what they can do to change your emergency lighting game, today!

LED Dash Lights for Emergency Vehicles

One of the most important things for emergency personnel to outfit their vehicles with is lighting. Bright lights on emergency vehicles are used for safety, to let people know that there is an emergency and to move safely out of the way, to warn people of an accident or a stopped or pulled over vehicle, and to light the way in dark places, just to name a few. One of the most common types of lighting for emergency vehicles are LED dash lights. For high quality, super bright emergency lighting, Ultra Bright Lightz is the best place to look. Having been in the business of providing emergency vehicles with bright and effective LED lighting for over ten years, Ultra Bright Lightz is a leader in the industry with the best variety of options at affordable prices.



Ultra Bright Lightz has both single and dual color dash lights available on their website. All of the dash lights (or deck lights) come with suction cups that provide an easy and quick way to mount to your windshield. The LED dash lights also come with a flashback guard to prevent flashback while driving at night. When browsing through the options available on the Ultra Bright Lightz website, you’ll find that, under the ‘Dash/Deck Lights’ category, Ultra Bright Lightz has options from both Feniex and UBL. All of the Feniex deck/dash lights offer 40 degree or 180 degree optics. The 40-degree optic provides a narrower spread and allows for the emergency vehicle to be seen at a distance. The 180-degree optic provides a wider spread and allows for the vehicle to be seen up close and bright. The UBL dash light, however, features a 40-degree optic. As their first new product line in over 3 years, UBL created the U-Lite for a high intensity, entry-level light at an extremely affordable price. All of the dash lights come with an easy to use, two-button cigarette plug for a simple plug-and-play installation, no hardwiring required.


Aside from their dash lights, Ultra Bright Lightz also has visor lights, mini and full-size LED light bars, strobe lights, controllers, sirens and more. With the enormous inventory of warning lights, customers are able to find the exact light they need for their vehicle. Customizations are also available when choosing which colors to use for your lights. From red, blue, amber, white and more, each vehicle can be equipped with the exact colors needed and suited for their job.


Ultra Bright Lightz carries so many options for lights that you can get your vehicle outfitted with lights in every nook and cranny. Need license plate lights? Ultra Bright Lightz has them. Mirror mounts? Spoiler mounts? Ultra Bright Lightz has everything you need and more for both exterior and interior lighting of your vehicle. They also have LED light options available with different flash patterns. However, it is important to read product descriptions and information to ensure that each product you buy will work with your make and model vehicle.


For more information about Ultra Bright Lightz and the products they carry, visit them online at Ultrabrightlightz.com. You can also give them a call at 1-888-562-5125 or send them an email at info@ultrabrightlightz.com. With extensive knowledge of LED lights and the products they carry, and a passion for equipping emergency vehicles with bright, effective, and reliable LED lights, Ultra Bright Lightz is the best place to shop for the lighting you need. Their customer service representatives are always ready and willing to help you with anything you might need. Reach out to them, today!