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Ultra Bright Lightz

Ultra Bright Lightz has everything you need whether its police car lights, amber emergency lights for tow trucks and constructions vehicles or more! We offer $9.99 flat rate shipping no matter how large the order is.

Get Your LED Emergency Lights from Ultra Bright Lightz

When you’re in the market for LED emergency lights, there are a lot of questions you need to answer when you’re shopping around and there are even more concerns you might have before purchasing. What types of vehicles you’ll be outfitting and especially what types of scenes they will be responding to are valid concerns, along with the environment and conditions to which the vehicles and thus the lighting will be routinely subjected. Making sure you find a seller that is reputable, sells quality equipment, and stands behind it is the sure fire way to take the process of equipping your fleet with emergency lighting from being an annoyance to an afterthought. Here’s where Ultra Bright Lightz enters the picture. Conceived in response to a market where the norm was a series of lengthy, expensive, and time-consuming custom jobs, Ultra Bright Lightz is a breath of fresh air for those who want to skip the measuring and programming with their LED emergency lights.



Ultra Bright Lightz comes to the table as a purveyor of premium LED emergency lights of all uses and sizes. Whether you run sedans, trucks, or vans, Ultra Bright Lightz carries panel lights, dash and deck lights, grill lights, compact and full-size bar lights and more to keep you lit and signaling your presence even in the most pressing of situations. Simply looking to renew the grill lights on some of your response vehicles? Ultra Bright Lightz is ready with something as simple as the surface mounted UBL U-Lite, the ultimate in no-frills all-business grill lights. It comes ready with 18 flash patterns in amber, blue, white, red, green, and combinations. It is night weatherproof, built to be slapped into a grill and start flashing without asking any questions.


Then again, you might be looking for something like the Feniex Fusion in dual color, also ultra durable and almost weatherproof, but with up to 40 flash patterns, programmability, and flood modes. Maybe you’re looking for stick lights with the versatility to be mounted on the front, rear, or even side of the vehicle. You can go as basic as the 6 LED Feniex Fusion stick light all the way through to the 48 LED Feniex Fusion Rocker Panel Stick lights with 57 ready patterns incorporating 8 colors. Ultra Bright Lightz even builds custom full-size bar lights for your vehicles, offering you visibility that cannot be rivaled by other lighting units.


Ultra Bright Lightz stands alone in offering extremely rugged lighting that is not only affordable but reliable and easy to install, requiring no wiring and minimal programming unless the user wishes to customize. They also offer $9.99 flat rate shipping, 2- to 5-year warranties on most units, and a 30-day return policy. At Ultra Bright Lightz, they stand behind their stock because they understand the importance of effective emergency lighting. To see what’s waiting for your next lighting refresh, head to UltraBrightLightz.com, today! With all kinds of LED vehicle warning lights for emergency and personal vehicles, you are sure to find something you need.