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Ultra Bright Lightz

Ultra Bright Lightz has everything you need whether its police car lights, amber emergency lights for tow trucks and constructions vehicles or more! We offer $9.99 flat rate shipping no matter how large the order is.

LED Light Bars for Trucks and More at Ultra Bright Lightz

When you’re responsible for a team of emergency responders and their vehicles, the last thing you want to worry about is the pain of installing emergency lighting, or worse yet, that the lighting itself is unreliable. That’s why it’s critically important to rely on quality lighting that is not only easy to install and set up for use, but is also that tough, bright, and dependable enough to announce your presence in an emergency situation where time is of the essence and communication is the difference between success and disaster. The good news is that Ultra Bright Lightz is your solution to all of these issues and more. You’ll be sure to find the right LED light bar for trucks and everything else you need to outfit an emergency vehicle with lighting, all at prices you’ll need to see to believe.



Searching for bright LED light bars for trucks can be daunting, especially if you don’t have the time to waste installing and programming patterns into your devices in order to get them to work effectively on the road. Luckily, at Ultra Bright Lightz, there are a whole range of bar light options for you to choose from when trying to outfit a fleet, which may require flexibility in ordering for different models of vehicles. If you’re looking for interior light bars, Ultra Bright Lightz carries an impressive stock of light bars in single and dual color options that can easily install in the front or back windshield and are compatible with a series of brackets and suction cup mounts for easy installation and optimum angle. From the simplest of bar lights with 4 to 40 LED configurations that herald your presence with red, white, blue, green, and amber lighting and coming with already programmed flash patterns, Ultra Bright Lightz has what you need to outfit your vehicles. They also offer rocker panel stick lights from Feniex that illuminate the sides of your vehicles for optimum visibility.


Ultra Bright Lightz also offers full sized LED light bars in single and dual color configurations. Custom built to your specifications, these models allow 360 degrees of unobstructed lighting for maximum visibility, are data link compatible, and can accommodate your desire of amber, blue, red, white and green lighting. They offer three programmable modes for your convenience, can be dimmed to meet the scenario and reduce glare, allow you to cut off the front and rear lights, and can accommodate work lights to help with location and identification.


When you choose Ultra Bright Lightz for an LED light bar for trucks, you will be getting some of the most rugged lighting and mounts in the industry at impossible prices. Ultra Bright Lightz also offers $9.99 flat rate shipping, a 30 day return policy, warranties in 2 to 5 years for most products, and bulk pricing. It hardly gets better than that because Ultra Bright Lightz stands behind the quality of their lighting. When you’re in the market for new lighting or simply a fleet upgrade, call 1-888-562-5125 or go to UltraBrightLightz.com.